Mitra Mosharraf

Chief Executive Officer

Mitra Mosharraf, PhD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mosharraf brings 24 years of experience across all stages of biotech drug development.  During her tenure at Pfizer/ Pharmacia (Sweden), she contributed to development of lyophilized combination products Genotripoin® (Somatropin) Pen, Somavert® (Pegvisomant) and Cimzia® (CDP-870).  In 2005, her entrepreneurial spirit brought her to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she joined HTD Biosystems (a contract development startup) as Chief Scientific Officer. At HTD, she contributed to pre-IND development of several products such as RGI-2001 (a liposomal vaccine formulation against GHVD currently in phase 3) and a pentavalent vaccine against botulism. In 2017, she joined Santen as the director of drug product development, biologics. At Santen, she led the development of ophthalmic biologic products (e.g. DE-122/ Carotoximab) for intravitreal injections to treat retinal diseases. 

Dr. Mosharraf's innovative research has led to six patents and over 15 peer-reviewed scientific publications. She is an active member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), where she has held various leadership roles including serving as the 2024 vice chair of the AAPS Nanotechnology Community.

Dr. Mosharraf's academic foundation is solidly built upon a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master of Science (MS) in Pharmacy, both from Uppsala University. Complementing her scientific expertise, she holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from MIT Sloan School of Management, where she also acquired certificates in Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Biotech and Pharma. As a licensed pharmacist certified by the Swedish National Board of Health & Welfare since June 2005, Dr. Mosharraf's proficiency extends beyond her scientific achievements. She is trilingual and has enriched her global perspective through living and working across Asia, Europe, and the United States.