Our Technology

Engimata has a platform adjuvant technology (L-Vac) that improves vaccine efficiency.

L-Vac Adjuvant Technology


We use our proprietary liposomal nanoparticle technology to make vaccines. This platform technology is called L-Vac. L-Vac consist of natural lipids and FDA approved excipients that together can be processed to create an immune stimulating particulate delivery system that is compatible with different types of antigen.

Immune response-enhancing
L-Vac is a novel adjuvant (immunostimulant) and enhances immune response against protein antigens.
Dose sparing
L-Vac enhanced immune response in animals against the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 and against tetanus toxoid by 7-folds and 27-fold respectively, suggesting that the antigen dose can be reduced remarkably if it is combined with L-Vac.
Stability enhancement
L-Vac protects the protein against degradation and enhances its stability. When L-Vac is incorporated into the vaccine design early on the resulting vaccine can be freeze-dried and be distributed at room temperature.

L-Vac can be customized for use with different antigens. It can also be supplied as a ready to use liposome for R&D or for development of vaccines.  

3d rendering of liposome3d rendering of liposome