About Us

Engimata’s mission is to improve efficacy and stability of vaccines against infectious diseases to extend life expectancy and to save lives.


Vaccine wastage in the supply chain due to temperature fluctuations is a major problem that costs the government and biopharma industry billions of dollars every year. This problem is caused by the vaccine components and design. This is especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has infected millions of people worldwide and has taken many lives. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are in various stages of development, but they all require a cold or an ultra-cold supply chain that limits their distribution and accessibility. Development of a COVID-19 vaccine that can be distributed at room temperature has a significant impact on global health and would address an emergent, unmet need. There is also an unmet need for new adjuvants to increase the effectiveness and safety of a new class of antigens such as peptides, recombinant protein antigens and protein sub-units.  Currently, only a limited number of adjuvants in addition to aluminum salts (“Alum”) are available such as CPG oligodinucleotide, 4’-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), QS-21, and an oil-in-water emulsion MP59.  Additional efforts in search of novel adjuvants that are safe and effective for vulnerable populations are needed.


Engimata has a patented platform adjuvant technology that improves vaccine efficiency (reduces dose) and enhances vaccine stability, enabling distribution at room temperature. This vaccine design prevents vaccine wastage and reduces the price of vaccines. Engimata also has a COVID-19 vaccine and a tetanus vaccine in the pipeline (preclinical stage). Unlike current vaccines they can both be distributed without a need for a cold or ultracold supply chain, improving immunization logistics. Engimata’s vaccine is cost-effective, easy to scale up, and simple to manufacture and distribute outside the cold supply chain. This increases vaccine accessibility and stability, ultimately saving cost, resources, and lives.